Key Advisors Involved in the IPO Listing Process

Numerous professional advisors are involved throughout the listing process.  These advisors can help with a variety of issues including financial, legal, accounting, due diligence, underwriting, and marketing of the IPO. Of course the company itself plays an integral part in the listing process.  It must prepare and produce all necessary information and data that is [...]

Upcoming Float Case Study

Example of Listing Process It can be useful to understand how companies that are listed on the ASX got to be there; the following describes a hypothetical process using ABC Ltd as an example. Formation & Venture Capital John and Mary have decided to go into business together and choose a corporate structure to do [...]

What is a Float?

When a company first lists on a stock exchange such as the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), it is called a float, or an Initial Public Offering (IPO). These terms are used interchangeably by investors. Companies primarily use an IPO as a way of raising funds for their business. They do this by selling a set [...]