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Alto Capital
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Key Executives
Michael Spence (NEC), Matthew Waterhouse (MD and CEO), Samantha Tough (NED), Geoffrey Piggott (NED)
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Ground Floor 16 Ord Street West Perth WA 6005
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor
On behalf of the directors of 3D Metalforge Limited (Company), it gives me great
pleasure to invite you to become a shareholder of the Company.
On completion of the Offers, the Company will become the parent entity to
3D Infra Pte Ltd (3D Infra).
3D Infra was incorporated in Singapore in 2015 to harness the commercial
potential of additive manufacturing (AM) through its main operating company,
3D Metalforge Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in Singapore in 2016.
3D Infra has developed and is continuing to develop intelligent technology and
processes to integrate AM printers, software and material to supply end user
customers with a range of AM services including diagnostics to identify suitable
parts for 3D printing, advanced part design and engineering, part printing in a
wide range of materials, comprehensive AM training, and secure part design and
print file storage.
3D Infra’s hi-tech facility and its design and engineering teams are based in
Singapore with technical sales in Singapore and the US. 3D Infra’s operating
Additive Manufacturing Centre in Singapore is ISO 9001:2015 certified by DNV-GL
and is certified by Lloyd’s Register to print metallic parts. 3D Infra possesses inhouse Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), AM optimisation and
engineering design capabilities as well as a suite of AM systems utilising
technologies including selective laser melting (SLM), multijet fusion (MJF), fused
filament fabrication (FFF), as well as blown powder and hybrid wire arc directed
energy deposition (DED) printers and FFF printers.
The Directors are of the view that an investment in the Company provides the
following non-exhaustive list of advantages:
(a) Revenue generating: 3D Infra is revenue generating with S$1.3m
) in revenue for the twelve month period to 31 December 2019.
(b) Blue-chip client base: 3D Infra has a client base including multi-national
companies and government entities diversified across a variety of sectors
including the oil and gas, defence and marine industries.
(c) Highly experienced management team: 3D Infra has a highly
experienced team to deliver the Company’s strategic plan. Matthew
Waterhouse, the Managing Director and CEO, is the Chairman of the
Additive Manufacturing Technical Committee in Singapore and was
formerly the Chief Operating Officer for Keppel Integrated Engineering
and Associate Principal at McKinsey & Co.
(d) Scalable business model: 3D Infra intends to scale its business model by
expanding the production capacity at its current Additive Manufacturing
Centre in Singapore as well as upgrading the current office in Houston to
a production centre (both currently targeted for completion by
30 June 2021) and opening sales and marketing centres in Australia, the Middle East and Europe (currently expected to occur in the 24 month
period after Admission) with further plans for Additive Manufacturing
Centres in locations around the world.
(e) Proprietary technology: 3D Infra has independently, and also in
conjunction with national research institutions, universities, and
government-linked companies such as Singapore’s National Additive
Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), the Singapore University of
Technology and Design (SUTD), Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Maritime Port
Authority (MPA) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research
(A*Star) participated in AM programs (including R&D and market
development) valued at over S$3m (A$3m2
) with its direct spend being
approximately S$1.5m (approximately A$1.5m2
) over the past five years.
3D Infra’s portfolio of trade secrets and other intellectual property
includes hybrid part printing processes, secure file storage, advanced
production processes and operating parameters for a range of materials
and printers, including large format directed energy deposition (DED)
(f) Expand technology range: 3D Infra intends to:
(i) continue to develop its proprietary AM intelligence layer to
enhance more accurate printing and faster process modelling,
extensive use of production data to improve printing speed and
quality as well as using machine learning to accelerate the
development of printing parameters for new materials; and
(ii) complete the operational development of its DED printers.
(g) Benefits of AM: AM has the following benefits:
(i) reverse engineering obsolete parts to save entire systems and
(ii) printing parts on demand at point of use to reduce storage and
transportation costs;
(iii) producing complex parts cheaper and faster than traditional
(iv) reducing waste of expensive materials during manufacturing;
(v) re-designing parts to improve performance and reduce the cost
and time of manufacturing.
Investors should also carefully consider the risk factors of an investment in the
Company which are set out in Sections 3C and 9.
This Prospectus is seeking to raise a minimum of $8,000,000 and a maximum of
$10,000,000 through the issue of Shares at an issue price of $0.20 per Share under
the Public Offer. The purpose of the Public Offer is to provide funds to implement
the Company’s business strategies (explained in Section 6.5). The Board and management have significant expertise and experience in AM
and will aim to ensure that funds raised through the Public Offer will be utilised in
a cost-effective manner to advance the Company’s business.
This Prospectus is issued for the purpose of supporting an application to list the
Company on ASX. This Prospectus contains detailed information about the
Company, the business and operations of 3D Infra and the Offers, as well as the
risks of investing in the Company, and I encourage you to read it carefully. The
Shares offered by this Prospectus should be considered highly speculative.
I look forward to you joining us as a Shareholder and sharing in what we believe
are exciting and prospective times ahead for the Company. Before you make
your investment decision, I urge you to read this Prospectus in its entirety and seek
professional advice if required.
Yours sincerely
Michael Spence
Non-Executive Chairman
3D Metalforge Limited