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E&P Corporate Advisory Pty Ltd, Bell Potter Securities Ltd
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Bruce Rathie (Chairman), Andreas Fouras (MD and CEO), Heath Lee (ED and CFO), Lil Bianchi (NED), Robert Figlin (NED), Lusia Guthrie (NED), John Livingston (NED), Julian Sutton (NED)
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Level 5, 468 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004
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Chairman's Letter

Dear investor,
On behalf of the Directors of 4DMedical Limited (4DMedical), it is my pleasure to present this Prospectus and invite you
to become a Shareholder in the Company.
4DMedical is a medical technology company focused on commercialising its patented respiratory imaging platform, XV Technology
to enhance the capacity of physicians to diagnose and manage patients with respiratory diseases.
The global respiratory diagnostic market is estimated to be US$31 billion. Though this market is large and growing, in modern
medical facilities, respiratory diagnostics are dominated by three procedures: the pulmonary function test (invented in the 1860s),
the X-ray (invented in the 1890s) and the CT (invented in the 1970s).
4DMedical’s XV Technology has a number of advantages that can aid market adoption:
• XV Technology provides a non-invasive modality for physicians to understand regional lung motion and air flow,
and to identify respiratory deficiencies earlier and more sensitively;
• XV Technology is designed to be fully compatible with existing hospital and clinic equipment so not requiring any
capital expenditure; and
• XV Technology will be delivered through a cloud-based Software as a Services (SaaS) model, allowing 4DMedical
to deliver its technology more quickly and at a lower cost base to existing procedures.
All of 4DMedical’s technology and intellectual property has been pioneered by the Company’s in-house development team and
validated by a number of clinical trials in partnership with leading U.S. hospitals. Continued engagement with key opinion leaders
in the field may provide 4DMedical access to early opportunities such as early use of products in a clinical research setting.
In May 2020, the Company received FDA 510(k) clearance for the use of its XV Technology in its ventilation analysis software and
is currently being sold in the U.S. The core driver of near-term sales growth will be the rollout of the Company’s flagship software
product XV (Ventilation) in the US. The market for respiratory diagnostics is the U.S. alone is US$13.7 billion and 73.5 million
diagnostic procedures per year. The Company is positioned to capitalise on its foundation and accelerate its growth plan.
With numerous granted and pending patents in commercial territories including Australia, the European Union and in Asia,
future growth will be driven by the sale of other 4DMedical products as they progress development and receive the necessary
regulatory approvals.
Under the Offer, 4DMedical is seeking to raise gross proceeds of $55.79 million. The proceeds raised will predominantly
be used to execute the Company’s growth strategy, which is focused on increasing its sales and marketing capabilities in the US
to drive future revenue growth, as well as to invest additional resources into research and development of its product portfolio,
and execution of its clinical trial strategy. $5.79 million of the gross offer proceeds will also be used to pay Selling Shareholders
and Selling Holders selling into the Offer.
This Prospectus contains important information in relation to the Offer, including the Company’s historical financial results, operations,
management team and the future growth plans. The key risks associated with an investment in 4DMedical are outlined in Section 5
of this Prospectus and should be considered in detail, which includes risks related to sufficiency of funding, future profitability,
intellectual property and other business specific and general investment risks.
I encourage you to read the Prospectus carefully before making any investment decision and to consult with your independent
professional advisers in connection with the Offer.
The Board and Management of 4DMedical are extremely excited about the prospect of improving the way physicians worldwide
diagnose, treat and manage patients with respiratory diseases more effectively, more efficiently and at lower cost.
We look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder.
Yours sincerely,
Bruce Rathie
Non-Executive Chair