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Bell Potter Securities Ltd
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Level 4, 333 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000
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Ravin Mirchandani (NEC), Alexander Jannink (Director and CEO). Thomas Patterson (NED), Travis Dillon (INED), Joe Hanna (INED)
Chairman's Letter

On behalf of the current and proposed Directors of Acusensus, I am delighted to present you with the opportunity to participate
in the ownership and future growth of Acusensus.
Acusensus is a technology driven Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS) business focussed on road safety, providing solutions for
authorities to tackle their road safety issues with artificial intelligence (AI) enabled compliance solutions. Our major success to
date has been the Acusensus Heads-Up solution to provide authorities a tool to discourage drivers from using their phones
behind the wheel.
The Heads-Up solution can be deployed anywhere across the road network on a trailer based platform or it can also
be deployed on fixed infrastructure such as variable message signs or gantries. The cameras take clear high-resolution
photographs through the windshield of each vehicle that passes by the system. Key innovations in the solution are its method
to remove glare from windshields, its high image capture rates and its real-time machine learning artificial intelligence based
system which determines the likelihood a motorist is illegally using a mobile phone. A cloud management solution provides
camera system monitoring, data security systems, secure image review and continuous AI training. The solution has been
expanded to also provide detection and enforcement of speeding vehicles, seatbelt non-compliance and licence plate based
enforcement such as unregistered vehicle detection.
Having proven this technology in the world’s first live enforcement camera program to detect drivers illegally using phones while
behind the wheel in New South Wales, Acusensus is now approaching markets globally to adopt this new road safety approach.
Acusensus generates revenue from a combination of hardware rental or sale, software licensing, equipment installation,
system operation and maintenance, equipment deployment services, image review and verification services, and other
adjacent enforcement camera services. Acusensus has a flexible approach in which it partners with the government or
enforcement agency to help them solve their challenges within their preferred framework.
Acusensus is growing strongly and has a large pipeline of trials and contract opportunities. The Directors and Staff are proud
of our achievements to date, and see the Initial Public Offer of Acusensus as the next logical step towards meeting our long
term growth strategy.
The Company is seeking to raise $10 million through the issue of 4.4 million new Shares at a price of $2.25 per Share. The funds
raised will be used to bolster research & development efforts, increase the geographical reach of the Company’s sales and to
contribute towards funding capital expenditure under the contracts that the Company is securing which will require an asset
base of enforcement equipment to be put in place over the next few years.
The core strategy of Acusensus is to maintain its first mover advantage by rapid continuous innovation of new road safety
technology that can be deployed on a common asset base by customers, reducing their operating, maintenance and training
complexity. Funds generated by this IPO will also be dedicated to maintaining the first mover advantage through rapid
technology development.
The Offer provides an opportunity for you to share in our exciting future.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about the Offer and the financial and operating performance of Acusensus. It also
includes a description of the key risks associated with an investment in Acusensus. I encourage you to read the Prospectus
carefully and in its entirety before making your investment decision. You should seek professional advice if required.
Acusensus is an early stage company and, its business has only operated since March 2018. Accordingly, investment in the
Company should be considered as speculative. Key risks include reliance of key contracts, loss of key employees, product
supply issues, intellectual property protection, technological risk and competition (for further information please see section 4.1.)
On behalf of the Board, I look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder.
Yours faithfully
Ravin Mirchandani