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Kentgrove Equity Partners Pty Ltd
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Options, Shares
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Charles Mann (ED), James Hood (ED), Pauline Director (INED), Cameron Petricevic (NED and Chairman)
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Level 4, 100 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor
On behalf of the Board of Alchemia Limited, it is my pleasure to present this Prospectus and to offer you
the opportunity become a shareholder of the Company.
Changes to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ) which came into effect in
November 2017 now allow for the sale of hemp food products, which has led to a nascent, but rapidly
growing industry for alternative protein sources in addition to the other verticals for hemp sales.
Alchemia proposes to become a Company operating in the hemp product sector, supplying 100%
Australian grown and manufactured hemp products, through the acquisition of Australian Primary
Hemp Ltd (APH). Alchemia announced the execution of a Share Sale Agreement to acquire 100% of the
share capital of APH on 21 June 2019.
APH is based in Victoria (Geelong) and is a vertically integrated hemp business selling a range of
products under the APH brand, to retail, wholesale and white label customers in Australia. Specifically,
APH engages in growing, producing and selling hemp product, handling all areas of the hemp value
chain, encompassing: selection, farming, processing, manufacturing, quality assessment, packaging as
well as distribution and sale of bulk and retail products.
APH was founded in 2016 with a multi-layered approach to:
 establish a network of farmers to grow the hemp seed under contract and produce hemp grain;
 purchase FINOLA® hemp seed under an exclusive supply agreement in Australia (and other
varieties of hemp seed);
 establish Australia’s largest hemp facility in Victoria, to process and package hemp grain; and
 produce and sell hemp including their own branded hemp products.
APH is now an established and revenue-generating business, holding all necessary licenses, permits and
approvals to conduct its business.
The purpose of the Offer is to raise $5,700,000 via the issue of 570,000,000 New Shares at $0.01 per
share (on a pre-Consolidation basis) (being 28,500,000 Shares at $0.20 per share (on a postConsolidation basis)) to provide capital to accelerate the growth of APH.
An investment in Alchemia (subject to the reverse takeover of APH) involves a number of risks, including
risks associated with investing in an early stage company, operating in an industry which is subject to
new legislative and licensing regimes, counterparty risk regarding its operations as well as agricultural
and other associated risks. A key risks summary is identified in section 1.3 in this Prospectus and further
outlined in section 5.
This Prospectus also includes detailed information about the Offer, as well as the financial position,
operations, management team, and other details that may be relevant when assessing an investment in
the Company. I encourage you to read this Prospectus carefully and in its entirety before making your
investment decision and, if required, consult with your stockbroker, solicitor, accountant or other
independent professional adviser.

On behalf of the Board, I present the Offer to you and look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder
of the Company.
Yours sincerely
Cameron Petricevic, Chair