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Max Raise
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Issue Type
Lead Manager
Xcel Capital Pty Ltd
Type of Securities
Date First Lodged
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Key Executives
Jeremy King (NEC), William Oliver (ED), Joshua Letcher (NED)
Company Address
Suite 2, Level 1 1 Altona Street West Perth WA 6005
Stockbroker's Snapshot
WA junior explorer
1st Day VWAP
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the directors of Aldoro Resources Limited (ACN 622 990 809) (Company), I am
delighted to invite you to become a shareholder of the Company.
The Company is seeking to raise up to $4,500,000 through an issue of up to 22,500,000
Shares at a price of $0.20 per Share, with oversubscriptions of up to a further 2,500,000
Shares at issue price of $0.20 per Share to raise up to a further $500,000 may be accepted.
The Company is party to a number of agreements under which it has the right to interests
in a number of tenements that make up the Projects, as set out below:
(b) Gianni Agreement – the Company has a conditional right to acquire a 100%
interest in the tenement making up the Ryan’s Find Project (refer to Section 7.1 of
the Prospectus for further details);
(c) Jindalee Agreement – the Company has a conditional right to acquire an 80%
interest in the non-gold rights under a number of tenements that make up the
Leinster Project (refer to Section 7.2 of the Prospectus for further details); and
(d) Blue Ribbon Agreement – the Company has a right to acquire an 80% interest in
a number of tenements comprising the Cathedrals and Karlgarin Projects,
following the grant of those tenements (refer to Section of the Prospectus 7.3 for
further details).
The Company is also a registered applicant for a number of additional tenements in the
area of the Projects. Upon successful completion of the Acquisitions, the Leinster and
Ryan’s Find Projects will be the Company’s core business activities, which will be
supplemented by the Karlgarin and Cathedrals Projects following the grant of the relevant
The Projects comprise over 1100km2 of granted tenure and applications which are
prospective for either, or both, nickel-cobalt mineralisation in weathered lithologies or
nickel sulphide mineralisation. Refer to the Independent Geologists Report at Annexure A
and the Solicitor’s Report on Tenements at Annexure B of this Prospectus for further
Before making your decision to invest, I ask that you carefully read this Prospectus and
seek professional advice if required.
On behalf of the Board, I commend the Offer to you and look forward to welcoming you
as a Shareholder.
Yours sincerely,
Jeremy King