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No Lead Manager
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Key Executives
Ian Mathieson (NEC), Tony Bell (MD and CEO), Brett Fletcher (NED), Greg Anderson (NED), Mark Fisher (NED)
Company Address
Level 1, 700 High Street, Kew East, VIC 3102
Stockbroker's Snapshot
Multi-commodity explorer
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
I have great pleasure in presenting this Prospectus and offering you the opportunity to become a shareholder of AMD
Resources Limited (ACN 602 696 873) (AMD or Company).
The Directors consider that the Offer represents an attractive opportunity to invest in a company that has operational
control of 5 mineral exploration projects located in Papua New Guinea and Australia.
AMD has adopted a multi-commodity strategy with precious metals (gold and silver) as its focus, supported by other
minerals such as premium grade magnetite and copper.
The Company is initially focusing its efforts on two projects:
• Normanby Island Gold Project (Papua New Guinea). The immediate priority following completion of the Offer is to
undertake a verification program to enable the delineation of a maiden Mineral Resource.
• Cumberland Silver-Gold Project (Australia). The Company has undertaken preparatory fieldwork and the immediate
priority following completion of the Offer and the Australian Acquisition is to undertake an initial confirmatory
drilling program.
AMD has assembled an experienced board and management team with significant expertise and experience in mineral
exploration, project development, operations and corporate finance and aims to ensure that funds raised through the
Offer will be utilised in a cost-effective manner to advance the Company’s projects and maximise value to Shareholders.
The purpose of the Offer is to expand the Company’s shareholder base, facilitate a listing of the Company on ASX and provide
sufficient funds to:
• delineate a Mineral Resource for the Normanby Island Gold Project (PNG);
• undertake phase 1 drilling of the Cumberland Silver-Gold Project (Australia); and
• conduct further exploration activities across the tenement portfolio and generally maintain the portfolio in good standing.
This Prospectus offers Shares in the Company to raise up to $20.30 million with a minimum subscription of $10.40 million,
together with free Options.
Bell Potter Securities Limited has been appointed as Lead Manager to the Offer.
The Company will accept Applications from the Opening Date until 5pm on the Closing Date.
For further details of the Offer please refer to Section 12. This Prospectus contains important information about AMD
and the Offer. It also contains information about a range of potential risks associated with an investment pursuant to
this Prospectus (Section 6).
I encourage you to read this Prospectus carefully and in its entirety. If you are in any doubt as to the contents of this
Prospectus, you should seek independent professional advice. On behalf of the Directors, I recommend this Offer to
you and look forward to your support and participation as a Shareholder.
Yours sincerely,
Ian Mathieson
Non-Executive Chairman