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Foster Stockbroking Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Stephen Gerlach (NEC), Andrew Sales (MD), Sean Ebert (ED), Leonard Piro (NED), Kevin Reid (NED)
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14 Pentland Road Salisbury South SA 5106
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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor
On behalf of the Board, it is my privilege and pleasure to invite you to become a
shareholder of the Company. AML3D is a welding, robotics, metallurgy and
software business which uses wire arc additive manufacturing processes to
produce metal components and structures for commercial use.
AML3D specialises in providing commercial large-scale metal 3D printing services,
providing solutions to defence, maritime, aerospace and resources customers.
Founded in November 2014, AML3D has commercialised its wire arc additive
manufacturing technology (under the trademark WAM®), an innovative metal
additive manufacturing technology for the cost-effective production of large,
high performance metal components and structures.
In conjunction with its WAM® technology, AML3D has developed its own
proprietary software, WAMSoft®, which combines metallurgical science and
engineering design to fully automate the 3D printing process utilising advanced
robotics technology. The WAMSoft® software enables a highly tailored approach
to the needs of each client by enabling different pathways and welding
operations for different products and materials.
AML3D’s Adelaide Contract Manufacturing Centre was the first wire arc additive
manufacturing facility globally to achieve ‘Lloyds Certification’.
AML3D has secured commercial contracts (in the form of purchase orders for paid
trial parts) with Australian, Singaporean and European clients with a focus on its
contract manufacturing services as well as delivering integrated solutions for end
The Company is seeking to raise $9,000,000 through the issue of 45,000,000 Shares
at an issue price of $0.20 per Share. Funds raised will be used to increase our
production capacity enabling us to service significant new interest from customers
without compromising our ability to deliver under current contracts. Key
investments will be made to relocate and expand the Adelaide Contract
Manufacturing Centre, increase our sales and marketing presence in Asia (initially
targeting Singapore’s marine sector through the establishment of a Singapore
Contract Manufacturing Centre), develop integrated machining to improve
outcomes and timeframes, commence manufacturing unique and trademarked
Arcemy® mobile 3D printing modules, continue developing specialised software,
obtain intellectual property protection and to provide for working capital.
This Prospectus is issued for the purpose of supporting an application to apply for
the admission of the Company to the Official List of the ASX. This Prospectus
contains detailed information about the Company, its business and the Offer, as
well as the risks of investing in the Company, and I encourage you to read it
carefully. The Shares offered by this Prospectus should be considered highly
I look forward to you joining us as a Shareholder and sharing in what we believe
are exciting and prospective times ahead for the Company. Before you make
your investment decision, I urge you to read this Prospectus in its entirety and seek
professional advice if required.
Yours faithfully
Stephen Gerlach AM
Non-Executive Chairman