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No Lead Manager
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Key Executives
Andrew Smith (NEC), Zhang Jiangang (ED and EO), Andrew Thomson (NED), Brendan Connell (NED)
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Suite 511,434 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am delighted to invite you to become a Shareholder in Aobo
Environmental Technology Limited (Aobo, Aobo Group or Company).
Aobo’s mission is “Our Environment, Our Energy, Our Future”.
Aobo is in the business of energy efficient environmental solutions. Aobo provides Air Treatment Solutions
(ATS) for industrial applications and Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) for residential and commercial
Established in 1999 in Wuxi City China, Aobo leverages its design and engineering expertise coupled with
application experience to offer customised ATS for industrial customers in key end markets such as food,
pharmaceuticals, lithium-ion batteries and electronics production. Aobo’s ATS focus on dehumidification
and volatile organic compounds (VOC) abatement, which are designed to improve production safety,
operational efficiency, product quality and energy efficiency, and have a direct impact on the success and
operations of customers’ businesses. In most cases, these solutions include customised equipment that
is integrated directly into customer production processes. Many of Aobo’s ATS customers are leading
companies in their respective industries. Aobo offers air treatment equipment to customers in China and
overseas including Australia.
Aobo’s ATS business is underpinned by favourable underlying growth in its market sector and regulatory
dynamics in China, increased food and pharmaceutical consumption, improved living standards and
increasingly stringent environmental regulations globally.
Growing worldwide awareness of environmental issues has led to increasing demand for renewable
energy such as solar energy. Driven by the Company’s mission to support a sustainable energy efficient
environment, Aobo launched ESS business in 2018 and developed energy storage products. The key
concepts are to store energy effectively and to use energy wisely. Aobo released its flagship residential
energy storage system in Australia in October 2018. By using energy storage system, solar power can be
stored for later use at times when solar generation is not available, electricity prices are higher or there is
a power cut.
Australia’s energy storage market has exciting growth prospects and is set to lead the global solar
energy and storage boom1
, driven by underlying demand for “clean” solar energy, continuing pressure on
electricity prices and Government incentives to promote renewable energy and energy storage.
Aobo is led by an experienced management team and board of Directors.
The Company seeks to raise a maximum of $5,000,000 through the issue of 20,000,000 shares at
an offer price of $0.25 per share. The Offer is subject to a minimum issue of 3,200,000 shares at an
offer price of $0.25 per share to raise $800,000. The funds raised under the Offer will be invested in
energy storage business expansion in Australia and used to fund part of construction costs for a new
manufacturing facility in China. An NSX listing will also provide Aobo with fresh working capital and the
benefits of an increased public profile in China and Australia.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about the Company, the Offer, the industry in which
Aobo operates and its financial and operating performance. As with any company, there are a number
of risks associated with an investment in the Company which investors should consider as part of their
investment decision. Key risks associated with an investment in the Company including the recent
outbreak of novel coronavirus in China are set out in Section 9. It is important that you read this
Prospectus carefully and in its entirety before deciding whether to invest in the Company.
On behalf of my fellow Directors, I look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Smith
Non-Executive Chairman