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CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Stephen Smith (NEC), Daniel Lai (CEO and ED), Bruce Talbot (CTO and ED), Leanne Graham (NED), Wayne Zekulich (NED)
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Level 3, archTIS House 10 National Circuit Barton ACT 2600
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Secure information sharing software
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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Directors of archTIS Limited (archTIS or Company), I have great
pleasure in presenting this Prospectus to you and offering you an exciting
opportunity to become a Shareholder in archTIS.
archTIS is a Canberra-based ‘secure information sharing’ company incorporated
in 2006 with the aim of addressing one of the biggest technology challenges
facing organisations today, how to share information, whilst avoiding it falling
into the wrong hands.
The Company specialises in secure information sharing and is currently
developing its key product Kojensi, which was initially developed for the
Australian Department of Defence. Kojensi achieves two aims: securing
information at the same time as enabling information sharing.
Each day, the need and desire for organisations to share information and to
secure information increases. It is this ability, to achieve sharing as well as
security, that archTIS is looking to commercialise through its Kojensi product and
is looking to offer to any organisation wanting to protect and share its sensitive
After the successful completion of the Company’s pre-IPO fund raising activities,
the Company has already achieved a number of milestones including:
(a) the initial alpha release of the Company’s secure information sharing
capability hosted in the Amazon cloud (AWS);
(b) expansion of the Company’s development and sales capability;
(c) establishment of a software development capability in Prague;
(d) signing of contracts for the maintenance of a capability in the
Australian Defence Department as well as support to the Government
of Papua New Guinea; and
(e) establishment of relationships with global partners who want to
introduce us to their strategic clients, as well as to trial our Kojensi cloud
product (which is currently in development) themselves.
This Prospectus is seeking to raise a minimum of $8,000,000 via the issue of Shares
at an issue price of $0.20 per Share under the Offer. In addition, the Company
may accept oversubscriptions of up to a further $2,000,000, meaning that the
total amount that may be raised under this Prospectus is $10,000,000. This
Prospectus is issued for the purpose of supporting an application to list the
Company on the Official List of the ASX. This Prospectus contains detailed
information about the Company, its business, products, services and the Offer,
as well as the risks of investing in the Company, and I encourage you to read the
key risks at Section 3.2C and the risk factors in Section 6, carefully.
On behalf of the Directors, I invite you to consider an investment in the
Company. The Offer provides an opportunity for you to share in the exciting
future of the Company.
Before making your decision to invest, please read this Prospectus carefully and
seek professional advice if required.
Yours sincerely
Stephen Smith