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RTO or Recap
Lead Manager
Ashanti Capital Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Cliff Lawrenson (NEC), Justin Tremain (NED), Simone Suen (NED), Jon Hronsky OAM (NED), Greg Miles (CEO)
Company Address
Ground Floor, 16 Ord Street West Perth WA 6005
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Directors of Caspin Resources Limited (Company or Caspin), it gives me great pleasure to present
this Prospectus for the Company’s initial public offer to raise a minimum of $6,000,000 or a maximum of $8,000,000
(before costs).
The Company is a mineral exploration company established pursuant to the Demerger Scheme undertaken by
Cassini Resources Limited (Cassini), for the purpose of exploring the Yarawindah Brook Project and Mount Squires
Yarawindah Brook Project (80% Company interest):
The Yarawindah Brook Project is located 130km northeast of Perth, in the emerging Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide New
Norcia province. The Yarawindah Brook Project comprises a significant ground position of over 400km2
approximately 40km north from Chalice Gold Mines’ recent high-grade Julimar Ni-Cu-PGE (nickel, copper and
platinum group elements) discovery.
Mount Squires Project (100% Company interest):
The Mount Squires Project hosts a number of prospective gold targets, which include a range of conceptual to
advanced prospects. Prior to ownership of the Mount Squires Project being transferred to the Company, Cassini
had been developing the project since early 2015 through the consolidation of tenements forming a prospective
gold frontier. The Mount Squires Project is located adjacent to the western border of the West Musgrave Project
which hosts the large Nebo-Babel nickel and copper sulphide deposits, approximately 1,700km northeast of Perth,
Western Australia.
Contingent Payment from OZ Minerals:
The Company also holds a right to a contingent payment from OZ Minerals of up to A$20 million cash in the event
of a sale of all or a portion of OZ Mineral’s interest in the West Musgrave Project or of the contained nickel at that
project (Contingent Payment) (see Section 8.5 of this Prospectus and section 7 of the Demerger Scheme Booklet
for details of the Contingent Payment Deed). However, no forecast is made of whether any of the Contingent
Payment will become payable to the Company.
Next Steps
The key purpose of the Offer is for the Company to raise funds to advance exploration at the Yarawindah Brook
Project and Mount Squires Project. The Company is led by a well-qualified board and management team with
strong technical, financial and commercial expertise which is ideally suited to managing the Company’s activities
and to capitalising on exploration success.
I encourage you to read this Prospectus and the Demerger Scheme Booklet in their entirety before making your
investment decision.
Investors should note that the Company’s projects are still in the exploration and evaluation phase. Accordingly,
any investment made in the Company should be considered highly speculative.
An investment in the Company is also subject to risks, including Company specific risks such as those associated
with mining and exploration, commodity price fluctuations and currency exchange risks. More detailed information
about certain risks is set out in the Investment Overview section below and in Section 7 of this Prospectus. Before
you make your investment decision, the Company recommends that you also seek professional investment advice.
I look forward to you adding to your existing shareholding or joining us as a new Shareholder and sharing in what
we believe are exciting and prospective times ahead for the Company.
Yours faithfully,
Mr Cliff Lawrenson
Non-Executive Chairman