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Bell Potter Securities Ltd
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Key Executives
Gerd Schenkel (NEC), Marcus Price (NED), Mark Casey (NED), Lewis Romano (ED)
Company Address
Level 4, 6 Riverside Quay Southbank VIC 3006
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the board of directors of the Company, it is my pleasure to offer you an opportunity to invest in Credit Clear
Limited, an Australian-based “fin-tech” company specialising in receivables management solutions.
Our proprietary digital billing and communication technology platform is helping organisations achieve smarter, faster,
and more effective financial outcomes by changing the way customers manage their payments.
Offered as part of a full service receivables suite of services, the Credit Clear technology allows clients to manage
communications and payment arrangements with their customers through an intuitive, actionable and fully interactive
digital and mobile interface. Significant value is delivered through better customer engagement and insight, faster
payment reconciliations, improved cash flows and lower costs to collect when compared to traditional methods.
The recent acquisition of Credit Solutions has allowed Credit Clear to complement its existing technology platform
with a traditional debt recovery business, resulting in a complete debt management solution.
The Offer is expected to raise $15.0 million through the issue of 42.8 million Shares at an Offer Price of $0.35
per Share. The funds raised will allow the Company to accelerate the development of its technology and accelerate
the market penetration of the receivables management industry. On Completion of the Offer, new investors in
the Offer are expected to hold 16.9% of all shares on issue (on a fully diluted basis), directors and management
will hold a combined 16.6% of all shares on issue (on a fully diluted basis) and the remainder will be held by other
existing shareholders. All directors and management plus other existing shareholders are subject to various escrow
arrangements as set out in Section 9.8.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about the Offer, the industry in which Credit Clear operates, and Credit
Clear’s financial and operating performance. As with other businesses, Credit Clear is subject to a range of risks, which
if they occur, may have a negative impact on Credit Clear’s financial performance and position. These risks include,
among others, superseding of the Company’s technology, failure or disruption to the Company’s platform, protection
of intellectual property, loss of key personnel, increasing competition and reliance on access to the internet. The risks
associated with investing in the Company are detailed in Section 5.2.
Applications for Shares can only be made by completing and lodging an Application Form included in or accompanying
this Prospectus. Information as to who is eligible to apply and instructions on how to apply are set out in Section 7.3
and on the back of the Application Form.
I encourage you to read the Prospectus carefully and in its entirety before making your investment decision. You should
seek professional advice if required.
I believe that an investment in Credit Clear presents an opportunity to participate in the expected growth of an
Australian fin-tech company.
On behalf of my fellow directors, I look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder of Credit Clear.
Yours sincerely,
Gerd Schenkel
Director and Chairman of Credit Clear