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Bell Potter Securities Ltd, Aurenda Partners Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Jonathan Baines (EC), Bayju Thakar (CEO), Romana Abdin (INED), Simon Calver (NED), Richard Dammery (INED), David Ravech (NED), Leanne Rowe (INED), Vanessa Wallace (INED)
Company Address
13-15 Bouverie Street 2nd Floor London, EC4Y 8DP England
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the directors of Doctor Care Anywhere Group PLC (DOC or Company), it is my great pleasure to invite
you to become a holder of CDIs in our Company. Each CDI represents a Share in the Company as described in
this Prospectus.
DOC is a UK-based telehealth company that is committed to delivering high-quality, effective and efficient care to
our patients, whilst reducing the overall cost of providing clinical services.
The Company was founded in 2013 to address the fragmentation prevalent in traditional healthcare systems.
We have built a technology platform and recruited our own clinicians to bring together Primary Care and Secondary
Care as follows:
• Virtual GP Consultations in the form of video or phone consultations with GPs directly employed by DOC
(an example of Primary Care); and
• Diagnostic referrals and Specialist reviews across the key clinical specialties (an example of Secondary Care).
These are both underpinned by our cloud-based health patient record.
We believe that this integration of Primary Care and Secondary Care, enabled by technology, delivers substantial
benefits to patients, clinicians and third-party payors, including private health insurers. The Company has a clear and
ambitious growth strategy that aims to create value for investors in the rapidly growing digital health market.
Over time, as DOC expands, there are a range of potential opportunities available to us; this includes more accessible
and innovative approaches to care delivery and the potential to expand into markets outside the UK. The impact
of COVID-19 on all our lives has demonstrated the vital role that technology can and must play in the future of
healthcare. We see DOC at the forefront of this exciting revolution.
DOC has grown rapidly since its inception, providing services to more than 1,500 corporate and SME clients which
are accessed via its major channel relationships. These channel relationships with leading global companies such
as AXA PPP healthcare Group Limited (AXA) (a UK subsidiary of AXA S.A., the world’s second largest insurance
company) and HCA Healthcare UK (a part of HCA Healthcare Inc, one of the leading providers of healthcare in the US).
DOC aims to deliver its health insurance partners a reduction in claims costs of up to 20% by joining up Primary Care
and Secondary Care and, in doing so, reduce unnecessary appointments and diagnostic tests. Our service is currently
available to over 2 million lives. Monthly consultation volumes have grown from approximately 5,600 per month in
December 2019 to over 20,000 per month in September 2020.
We see DOC’s initial public offering as the next step in driving the Company’s growth strategy. The Offer will
raise A$102.0 million through the issue and transfer of 127.5 million CDI’s at an issue price of $0.80 for each CDI.
$37.0 million of the funds raised will be used to make payments to Selling Shareholders (being Existing Shareholders
who sell their CDIs to SaleCo to transfer to successful applicants under the Offer), and the rest of the funds will be
used to pay the costs of the Offer, and over time, build capability in the following areas of focus:
• invest in our marketing and engagement capabilities to drive consultation growth through existing relationships;
• further integrate along the care pathway to improve the patient journey and capture value at multiple patient
touch points;
• invest in process automation and optimisation to ensure sustainable and safe growth;
• invest in new propositions such as Mental Health and Virtual Specialist Services;
• build international business development capabilities to pursue growth in new markets; and
• invest in administration and provide working capital.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about the Offer and the financial and operating performance of DOC.
It also includes a description of the key risks associated with an investment in the Company. I encourage you to read
the Prospectus carefully and in its entirety before making your investment decision. You should seek professional
advice as necessary. In particular, the risks of investing in an early stage, loss making company must be considered in
full. The key risks for the Company are set out in Section 5.
I would like to thank our doctors, staff and directors for their exceptional dedication, expertise, and commitment to
the Company and most importantly our patients who trust us with their care. We believe this is an exciting Offer for
investors and on behalf of the Board, we look forward to welcoming you as a holder of CDIs.
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Baines