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Lead Manager
Platinum Gate Proprietary Ltd, Lodge Corporate Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Philippa Lewis (INEC), Luis Rodriguez-Bravo (ED and CEO), Mark Qin (ED), Ivan Oshry (INED), Lily Huang (INED)
Company Address
104 Derby Street Silverwater NSW 2128
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Board of EZZ Life Science Holdings Limited ACN 608 363 604 (the Company), I am pleased
to present this Prospectus and invite you to become a Shareholder of the Company. Established in 2018, the
Company is an agile and fast-growing business with its operation based in Australia offering skin care and
consumer health products to retailers and consumers in Australia and internationally.
The Company offers the EAORON branded skin care products as an exclusive wholesale distributor to pharmacies,
supermarkets and specialist retailers in Australia and New Zealand. It is also the largest wholesale distributor
of the EAORON branded products for other non-exclusive channels such as other grocery retailers and on-line
retailers in Australia and New Zealand.
The retail value of the EAORON branded facial masks is estimated to represent between 17.8% and 25.3% of total
facial mask segment in Australia and New Zealand for 2019.
The Company also develops, produces and distributes its own range of consumer health products under the
EZZ brand to retailers and consumers through on-line and off-line channels. Sales for the EZZ branded products
commenced in February 2020, early stage revenue for the EZZ branded products was generated in March 2020.
The Company is led by an experienced senior management team that has implemented strategies to drive rapid
and ongoing growth of the business. The Board’s Audit and Risk Committee will be closely managing the risks to
ensure practical and responsive mitigation programs are implemented and multi-jurisdictional growth is managed
The Company has a very encouraging financial track record and has achieved annual growth in pro forma
historical revenue in excess of 50%. The Company operates in the growing categories of skin care and consumer
health segments. These categories have a high demand for the Company’s products such as face masks and
health enhancing and quality of life supplements which are underpinned by long-term demographic growth and
popular social trends.
The Company is raising additional capital via this Offer to pursue amongst other things, its immediate and
intermediate term strategic growth opportunities. These include investments in manufacturing efficiencies, wider
market expansion both domestically and internationally and the establishment of a bespoke retail store to enable
it to become engaged directly with its public customer base and to showcase its expanding product range.
I take this opportunity to draw your attention to more detailed information about the Offer, its business and
financials which are contained in this Prospectus. The Company is subject to a range of material risks which are
fully detailed in Section 6. I encourage you to carefully read this document in its entirety before making a decision
to invest in the Company.
On behalf of my fellow Directors, I recommend this Prospectus to you and look forward to welcoming you as a
Shareholder of the Company.
Yours sincerely,
Philippa Lewis
Chair of EZZ Life Science Holdings Limited