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KTM Capital Pty Ltd and Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Ltd
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Michael Aston INEC), Martin Rogers (NED), Nicholas Armstrong ( ED and CEO)
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159 Victoria Street Potts Point NSW Australia 2011
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Blockchain based financial services
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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
identitii is an emerging Australian software company providing enterprise software for
financial services and banking institutions. Established in 2014, identitii has developed its own
proprietary product called Serra, an application that enables the secure and trusted exchange
of information (such as “Know Your Transaction” information) over financial networks, powered
by a secure private blockchain. identitii developed Serra through a two and a half year in-house
research and development program and has a long term product roadmap for additional
features or ‘add-ons’.
Increased reporting requirements around terrorist financing, politically exposed persons and
anti-money laundering, are placing increased pressure on financial institutions to get more
“Know Your Transaction” information from their customers . Often, the process for capturing
and exchanging this information is highly manual and limited by legacy systems.
With Serra, identitii has taken the approach of utilising the benefits of blockchain and
tokenisation to complement the established payment networks such as SWIFT, the international
messaging network that facilitates the exchange of funds between correspondent banks. Serra
aims at mitigating the shortcomings of these existing networks, primarily the way by which they
share information, rather than trying to replace them, which is attractive to an industry that is
risk averse when it comes to mission critical systems.
In an industry which deals with the transfer of large sums of money on a daily basis, banks
are understandably sensitive about new, unproven and, as yet, untrusted international wire
solutions. New entrants are faced with years in proof-of-concepts and pilots to achieve industry
acceptance via an established customer. identitii is currently contracted to HSBC and has
recently deployed its software in production with that bank in one key market. Achieving this
milestone is indicative of the substantial compliance work done by identitii and validation that it
meets the stringent requirements of this middleware domain. Indeed, in the highly competitive
FinTech market, this lengthy and stringent compliance runway is a high barrier-to-entry for
many prospective solutions and a disincentive for banks to change such accepted solutions.
This Prospectus has been issued by the Company for a public offering of 14,666,666 Shares at
an issue price of $0.75 each to raise gross proceeds of $11 million.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about identitii, its core product, the industry in
which identitii operates and its financial and operating performance; together with a statement
of the risks associated with investing in identitii.
I encourage you to read this Prospectus carefully and in its entirety before making your
investment decision. The types of risks that may result in possible loss of capital and may
apply to an investment in the Company, include but are not limited to sufficiency of funding,
competition, product disruption, business strategy risk, customer dependence, reduced demand,
regulatory risk and inability to retain key staff. Accordingly, an investment in the Company must
be considered speculative.
The funds raised will assist with ongoing development and commercialisation, appointing
resources in business development, marketing, account management and professional services
in key Asia-Pacific markets, costs of the Offer, corporate overheads and working capital.
On behalf of my fellow directors, I look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder of the
Yours sincerely,
Michael P Aston
Non-Executive Chairman