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AGC Capital Securities Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Alan Beasely (INEC), Anping Wang (MD), Yi Chin Wang (ED), Shirley Liew (INED)
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Unit 5, Ground Floor, 1 Centro Avenue, Subiaco WA 6008
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HR Software & job search tech
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor
On behalf of the Directors of Jobstore Group Ltd.
(Company or Jobstore), I am pleased to present
this Prospectus to you.
The Company is seeking to raise up to $8,000,000
through the issue of up to 40,000,000 Shares at
an offer price of $0.20 each under this Prospectus.
You may apply for Shares using the Application
Form accompanying this Prospectus.
The Company has entered into conditional share
sale agreements to acquire all of the issued
capital of Jobstore Group Berhad (Jobstore
Malaysia), a company incorporated in Malaysia.
Incorporated in 2015, Jobstore currently operates
an A.I. powered online recruitment platform
(Recruitment Platform) that assists users by
sourcing and managing interested, qualified and
available candidates for companies of all sizes.
Jobstore Group provides various human resource
services to its corporate customers primarily via
the Talent Sourcing Platform feature of the
Recruitment Platform, an online job advertising
service allowing employers to attract the
maximum potential number of qualified
candidates by posting jobs to up to 50 job sites.
Jobstore Group also provides an automated way
for companies to manage the entire recruiting
process, from receiving applications to hiring
employees via the Application Tracking System
feature of the Recruitment Platform.
The Group aims to be one of the top human capital
management service providers in Malaysia,
Australia, and Singapore via our A.I. powered
human capital management platform (HCM
Platform). To expand our reach to different
markets, we will focus on continued research
and development of the Recruitment Platform
and HCM Platform to meet customer needs
and new products and services to diversify our
revenue base. We will also explore the possibility of
acquisitions and joint ventures in overseas
markets to accelerate our growth. The Offer is
being conducted to allow the Group to expand
current operations in Australia, access capital
markets, provide a more visible and prominent
profile for the Group, and provide a liquid market
for the Group’s securities.
We believe the online recruitment advertising
and human capital management industries are
in a very challenging, but promising period of
transition – one that presents us with significant
opportunity. Through our dedication and
commitment to grow our business, we have
sought to serve our customers in recruitment and
human capital management by anticipating change,
understanding it and, most of all, driving it. As
we have done since our founding, we are working
to transform change to opportunity, to serve our
customers and to build value for our Shareholders.
The funds raised from this Offer will be used
primarily to continue our product development,
increase usage of the Group’s services amongst our
existing customer base, and to accelerate our
market penetration in Australia and other
countries within the Asia Pacific region.
While the Directors believe the Group has
significant growth potential, there are risks
associated with investing in the Company. This
Prospectus contains detailed information about
the Offer, the industries in which Jobstore Group
operates and the Group’s financial and operating
performance. An investment in the Company is
considered as speculative and subject to risks,
including but not limited to downturn in the
mployment market, competition, structural
hanges in the recruitment market, platform
disruption and impairment, failure to scale up or
commercialise, and growth management. The risks
are fully contained in Section 5. Potential investors
are urged to read this Prospectus carefully and in
full, and to seek their own professional advice to
make an informed decision.
On behalf of the Directors, I invite you to consider
this opportunity to invest in the Company and look
forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder of
Yours faithfully
Alan Beasley