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APP Securities Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Ehud Klier (ED and CEO), Nachshon Akiva (NED), Amihai Beer (NED), Daniel Rozental (NED), Shimon Shoval (INED), Sophie Karzis (INED), Rod Walker (INED)
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Level 8, 555 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
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Frozen beverage vending machines
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Board of Nice-Vend Ltd (Nice-Vend), it is my pleasure to present this Prospectus
for our initial public offer on the ASX.
After years of development, we are excited to be raising capital mainly to enhance our sales and
marketing capabilities of our quinzee Machines as well as to finalise the development of and
commercialise our proprietary countertop machine.
Nice-Vend’s primary business objective is the manufacture and supply of fully automated stand-alone
vending machines (quinzee Machines), which use Nice-Vend’s proprietary technology to prepare and
serve on-demand, assortments of flavored textured frozen beverages (Textured Frozen Beverages).
Nice-Vend not only manufactures proprietary quinzee Machines, it also offers a variety of different
flavours for use in our machines. These flavours are called FLAKESTM. FLAKESTM are the essence used
to make the quinzee servings, and Nice-Vend has the ability to provide an unprecedented variety of
flavours, including protein beverages, specialty teas, real fruit content and low-calorie, sugar-free
beverage varieties. Currently, the business derives its revenue from the sale and operation of quinzee
machines globally, from the sale of FLAKESTM, and from operating certain other vending machines.
The Company is in a particularly promising transitional period, having secured several pilot
programmes with potential customers varying from medium-sized to large corporations, across
multiple market segments. In particular, a few of these pilots involve ‘white-labeling’ our quinzee
Machines to enable certain global brands to offer their product as Textured Frozen Beverages in new
and innovative market segments.
We are also optimistic about the future prospects of our countertop design model, which uses
elements of the current quinzee Machine. The countertop machine will extend the Company’s
current offerings to a whole new market segment. Once launched, we believe that our countertop
design will be the first model of its kind – automatically preparing and serving on-demand Textured
Frozen Beverages to the hotel, restaurant and catering market (HoReCa) and food-service market.
Entering into these markets significantly expands the size of the current addressable markets of
the quinzee Machine.
The purpose of the Public Offer is to raise up to $7.5 million (before associated costs) by the issue
of up to 37,500,000 Shares in the capital of the Company, at an issue price of $0.20 per Share.
The capital raised from the IPO will be predominantly deployed to continue our growth in the United
States, Asia Pacific and Israeli markets.
This Prospectus includes detailed information about the Offers, including the material risks
associated with an investment in the Company.
On behalf of the board of Directors, I present the Offers to you and recommend that you read this
Prospectus in full. I look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder of the Company.
Yours sincerely,
Ehud (Udi) Klier
Executive Director and CEO