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Lead Manager
Alto Capital
Type of Securities
Options, Shares
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Key Executives
Brett Sandercock (NEC), Teoh Hin (NED), Stuart Carmichael (NED), Geoff Pocock (ED)
Company Address
Ground Floor, 16 Ord Street West Perth WA 6005
1st Day VWAP
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Board of Osteopore Limited
(Company), I am pleased to present this Prospectus
and to invite you to become a shareholder in
the Company.
On completion of the Offers, the Company will
become the parent entity to Osteopore International
Pte Ltd (Osteopore).
Osteopore was founded in 2003 and is a bone
regeneration company that through a combination
of 3D printing and bioresorbable material,
manufactures devices that biomimic the cancellous
bone microarchitecture that facilitates the natural
stages of bone healing.
Osteopore’s products are fabricated in-house using
proprietary 3D printing technology that is precise and
allows for customisation of shape and geometry.
Following receipt of US Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) approval in 2006 and CE-Mark approval in 2009
(and reapproval in 2017), Osteopore has successfully
commercialised three products, ‘Osteoplug’
‘Osteomesh’ and ‘Osteostrip’ and has sold over
20,000 units to hospitals in Singapore, South Korea,
Vietnam and Malaysia since inception.
The Directors are of the view that an investment in
the Company provides the following non-exhaustive
list of advantages:
(a) Revenue generating: Osteopore is revenue
generating with S$934,878 (approximately
A$990,000) in revenues for the twelve month
period to 31 December 2018, however, investors
should be aware that Osteopore is currently
loss making (and refer to Section 6 for further
information on the Company’s financial position);
(b) Proprietary technology: Osteopore has
licensed a range of technologies from
Singapore’s leading universities, NTU and
(c) FDA and CE Mark Approvals: Osteopore’s
products are cleared by the US FDA (510(k)
clearance) and bear the CE marking of
(d) Scalable business model: Osteopore intends
to scale its business model along its existing
customers and markets, within the key sectors
covered as well as into new sectors and markets;
(e) Continued investment in technology
development: Osteopore intends to invest
in further development efforts to improve
and expand the range of licensed proprietary
technologies. The Company also intends to
in-license further new technologies developed at
NTU or other institutions; and
(f) Highly credible management team: Osteopore
has a highly credible and experienced team to
progress the commercialisation and expansion of
its technology.
The purpose of the Public Offer is to raise $5,250,000
(before associated costs) by the issue of 26,250,000
Shares at an issue price of $0.20 each.
The proceeds of the Public Offer will be utilised
to enable the Company to support market
penetration, fund the investment into new 3D printed
microarchitecture and bioresorbable devices, provide
general working capital and pay for the costs of
the Offers.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about
the Offers and the current and proposed operations
of the Company, as well as the risks pertaining to an
investment in the Company. Potential investors in
the Company should carefully consider those risks
(detailed in Section 4).
We look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder
should you decide to take up Securities pursuant to
the Offers.
Yours faithfully
Brett Sandercock
Non-Executive Chairman
Osteopore Limited