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Type of Securities
Shares, CDIs
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Key Executives
Neal Cross (Chairman and NED), David Pettit (CEO and ED), Andrew Bell (CFO and ED)
Company Address
level 2 49 Oxford Close West Leederville WA 6007
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Directors of Picture Wealth Holdings Ltd, I am pleased to offer you the opportunity to become
a Shareholder.
Our CEO David Pettit and I started this journey in 2017 with the ambitious goal of bringing financial happiness
to the world, a bold goal that demonstrates our determination and our strong moral compass.
We know that the two main stresses in life are love and money, and while there are apps designed to solve
the love problem, we felt that traditional finance companies and fintechs weren’t solving the money problem.
So, we set out to create a platform that enabled everyone to bring all their finances into one place and, in
many cases, see a complete picture of their wealth for the very first time.
We felt that this was so important that we decided to offer this service for free and PictureWealth was born.
You might be wondering how we can be profitable if the platform is free. One of our guiding principles is that
we want to earn the right to sell a product or a service, so rather than push products on our customers like
most financial institutions, we want to educate and empower our clients to make decisions and improve their
own financial lives for the better. They may decide to talk to a financial expert, and to that end our skilled and
qualified financial advisory experts can provide advice.
Whilst successfully growing the business, we uncovered another problem to solve; many financial advisers
were exiting the industry due to a change in regulation towards education requirements. This was placing a
heavy burden on these financial planners , so we created a solution for them. We would acquire their clients
and associated income streams, offering them a beneficial exit instead of a forced one. In other words, we
would take over the servicing rights of their clients and deliver PictureWealth’s financial advisory services to
these clients.
Our invitation to these stressed and uncertain advisers was simple:
Stop worrying about the future, and become part of it.
This proved to be a winning solution for the parties involved, and PictureWealth has thrived. This Prospectus
also outlines a transaction that we are bringing to completion with the shareholders of NEO Financial
Solutions Pty Ltd (NFS), where the leadership team’s outlook on the future of financial advice is aligned to
PictureWealth’s. We look forward to taking the combined company forward together. You can find more detail
on the businesses in section 3 of this Prospectus.
Our revenue streams cover advisory fees across strategy, superannuation, investment, insurance and licensing.
To date, we have grown the value of the business, we have a world class team, we hold a strong moral compass,
and we have the ambition and ability to make this business a globally recognised leader in wealth tech.
As with any investment, there are risks, which we have detailed in Section 4. Please bear these in mind when
considering your investment.
Thank you for taking the time to read this Prospectus. We look forward to welcoming you on board as a
Yours faithfully,
Neal Cross