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Sternship Advisers Pty Ltd
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Key Executives
Jeremy Reid (Chairman and CEO), Adam Caplan (President and ED), Giles Craig (INED), Michael Seder (NED), Wal Pisciotta (NED)
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Level 12, 680 George Street Sydney NSW 2000
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NY based digital promotion platform
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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my
pleasure to offer you the opportunity to become
an investor in Inc. (PINCHme or the
PINCHme is a New York based company that
operates a leading product sampling and digital
promotions platform. Our platform intelligently
matches large “fast moving consumer goods”
(FMCG) brands with PINCHme’s own members,
who are consumers that have provided PINCHme
with comprehensive personal data about
themselves and their spending habits. In return
for the data they provide, PINCHme’s members
receive free samples of products already available
in-store, or access to products ahead of their store
release, while our FMCG clients receive detailed
insights, product reviews and feedback, and social
media engagement, all of which assist in driving
sales uplift.
I founded PINCHme in 2012 in response to four key issues
that I observed in the FMCG market:
1. consumers want to “try before they buy”; particularly
among the typically cost-conscious segment that shops at
Walmart, Target and other mass market retailers;
2. FMCG brands were suffering a high degree of product
wastage in their traditional product sampling efforts,
as samples were inefficiently distributed in-store or in
outdoor environments without appropriate consumer
targeting or collection of feedback and data;
3. large FMCG brands were losing market share to
competitive white label brands offered by major FMCG
retailers (such as Walmart and Target) which have direct
access to in-store product purchase data by consumers,
and to more nimble direct-to-consumer brands that
were more effectively leveraging lower cost social media
and “performance-based online advertising”, rather than
traditional marketing tools; and
4. a shift in consumer FMCG purchasing, particularly among
Millennials, from traditional supermarkets and retail
stores to a powerful new breed of online retailer (such as, requiring large FMCG brands to rethink
their marketing strategy.
PINCHme is well placed to take advantage of this changing
FMCG market. PINCHme now has more than 4 million
profiled members1
, and in the first six months of 2018, we
have on average grown our membership by more than
100,000 members per month. PINCHme captures more
than 50 data points on each member when they register
with our platform at (including, for
example, who they are, where they shop, what they buy,
hobbies, habits, interests, medical conditions and family
demographics), and we continue to collect further data
points as members participate in sampling campaigns and
engage with our services. Approximately 1.4 million members
are actively interacting with the PINCHme platform.2 We
have now completed over 500 sampling programs for
more than 100 leading FMCG brands, with more than 85%
of our campaigns undertaken for repeat clients. In addition
to revenues derived from our FMCG clients for sampling
services, PINCHme is able to further ‘monetise’ its member
audience and comprehensive database through performancebased online advertising3 and survey-based revenue streams.
We are now well positioned to continue to grow our member
community and create further ‘monetisation’ opportunities,
through providing value-added services for FMCG clients
and other companies seeking access to the highly targeted
consumer groups within the PINCHme community. The
Offer is an important next step for PINCHme, and will
provide the Company the financial flexibility to fund that
growth. PINCHme is seeking to raise A$8 million through
the issuance of 16 million Chess Depositary Interests (CDIs)
at an offer price of A$0.50 per CDI. Proceeds raised in the
Offer will be used to drive membership growth, fund product
development and operational improvements, invest in
marketing strategies and pursue other growth opportunities.
In addition, the Offer and ASX listing will provide the
Company with access to capital markets, provide a liquid
market for CDIs and assist the Company to attract and retain
quality employees.
This Prospectus contains detailed information about the
Offer, the industry sectors in which PINCHme operates,
and the historical and forecast financial information of
the Company, as well as the key risks associated with an
investment in PINCHme. These key risks are set out in
Section 5 and include, among others, risks associated with
our limited trading history, our ability to attract new FMCG
clients and to source sufficient samples, our ability to
acquire new members and the level of member engagement,
disruption or failure of our technology systems and breaches
of privacy and data protection requirements. It is important
that you to read this Prospectus carefully, and in its entirety,
before deciding whether to invest in the Company.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I look forward to
welcoming you as a CDI Holder.
Yours sincerely
Jeremy Reid