Pre Money Equity Valuation
Min Raise
Max Raise
Estimated Close
Issue Type
Lead Manager
CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd
Type of Securities
Date First Lodged
Offer Costs $
Key Executives
Steven Formica (NEC), Ariel King (ED), David Wheeler (NED)
Company Address
Suite 2, Level 1 11 Ventnor Avenue West Perth, WA 6005
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,
On behalf of the Board of Ragnar Metals Limited I am pleased to invite you to become a securityholder of the
The Company was incorporated on 30 March 2004 and was admitted to the Official List of the ASX on 23 March
2005. Since incorporation, the Company has been involved in mineral and metal exploration in Australia, West
Africa, Guinea, and Scandinavia. Following a recapitalisation of the Company in 2017, the Company has been
focussed on the evaluation and exploration on its projects in Scandinavia, and has been actively seeking and
reviewing opportunities to acquire additional mineral exploration assets.
Following the review and evaluation of investment opportunities, the Company is proposing a change to its
nature and scale by the acquisition of two gold projects in Western Australia, the Leeds Project and Kenya
Project. The Acquisition Agreements are summarised in the Solicitor’s Report on Australian Tenements included
as Annexure C.
Investors should consider the key risk factors to be considered when assessing the prospect of an investment
in the Company, which are set out in Section 3. These risk factors are not exhaustive, and there may be
additional risk factors that should be considered in light of your personal circumstances.
This Prospectus is seeking to raise $5,500,000 by the issue of up to 275,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares in
the capital of the Company (Shares) at an issue price of $0.02 per Share, together with one New Option for
every three Shares issued, under the Public Offer. The primary purpose of the Public Offer is to provide funds
to commence exploration activities on the Leeds Project and Kenya Project and to continue its exploration
program on its Swedish Tenements, initially focusing on a drilling program at the Granmuren anomaly.
This Prospectus is issued for the purpose of re-complying with the admission requirements under Chapters 1
and 2 of the Listing Rules, which is required due to the Acquisitions resulting in a change to the nature and
scale of the Company’s activities. This Prospectus contains detailed information about the Company, the Offers
and the Acquisitions, as well as risks of investing in the Company, and I encourage potential investors to read
it carefully. The Securities offered under this Prospectus should be considered highly speculative.
On behalf of the Board, we look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder in the Company, and in joining us
in what we believe will be an exciting and prosperous future for the Company. Before making any decision to
invest in the Company, we urge that you read this Prospectus in its entirety, and speak with your professional
advisors as required.
Yours sincerely
Steven Formica Non-Executive Chairman