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Morgans Corporate Ltd
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Key Executives
Robin Pinchbeck (NEC), Alexander Wood (CEO and ED), Grant Mooney (NED), Andrew Mitchell (NED)
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Ground Floor, 16 Ord Street West Perth WA 6005
Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor,
On behalf of the Board of SRJ Technologies Group plc (SRJ or the Company), it gives me great
pleasure to invite you to become an investor in the Company.
SRJ develops and distributes a range of weld-free coupling and leak containment solutions for
pipeline and process pipework systems. SRJ products are designed primarily for pipe repair and
the emergency replacement market, but can also be integrated into new pipeline builds.
SRJ’s weld-free technology is positioned as a disruptor to flanges, the main pipe joint product
used in pipeline and process pipework systems. As most permanent pipe joint repair processes
require welding, they are time consuming, can be costly to complete, and expose personnel to
welding-related safety issues.
By eliminating welding and associated testing requirements, SRJ installations take approximately
four hours to complete compared to approximately 30 hours when using flanges installed by
conventional means. Management believes that as the benefits of non-welded solutions become
well understood by the market it can gain market share from the traditional flange with its weldfree coupling product. The global oil and gas flange market was estimated at US$1.43 billion per
year in 2018, which presents a substantial market to capture with a differentiated product.
SRJ also offers Asset Integrity Management (AIM) consulting services. Consulting services create
a path to market for SRJ products in addition to generating a revenue stream.
SRJ has achieved the following milestones, providing a solid foundation to execute on its growth
• Developed an intellectual property portfolio including 28 granted patents across 7 patent
families in 25 countries, with 10 additional patent applications pending;
• Completed years of research, development and testing to comply with oil and gas
industry standards, and certification of its coupling products from Lloyds and American
Bureau of Shipping, both prerequisites to adoption of SRJ technology by major
• Successfully launched its weld-free coupling and leak containment system products to
the market with EnerMech and SBM Offshore as top tier customers and strategic partners;
• Established its outsourced manufacturing and distribution supply chain, and operations
in Jersey, Australia and the United Kingdom.
The Board believe the available commercial opportunities in Australian and European oil and
gas markets are substantial. Funding is being sought to provide capital to accelerate the
Company’s growth plan. Under this Prospectus, the Company will raise A$8 million through the
issue of 16 million CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs). CDIs are units of beneficial ownership in
Shares and trade in a manner similar to shares of Australian companies listed on the ASX. Certain
Existing Holders will also be given the opportunity to sell down part of their holding by way of
sale by SaleCo of 2,916,252 CDIs under the Offer.
Upon listing on the ASX, the Company will have a market capitalisation at the Offer Price of
approximately A$60 million.
This Prospectus contains important information about SRJ and the Offer. It also contains
information about the range of potential risks of investing in the Company, which include
uncertainty of revenue given the Company’s stage of development, reliance on key customers
and protection of intellectual property. Potential investors should consider that an investment in
the Company is highly speculative. I encourage you to read this Prospectus carefully and in its
entirety and consult with your professional advisers before deciding whether to apply for CDIs
pursuant to this Prospectus.
On behalf of the Board, I look forward to welcoming you as an investor in the Company and in
participating in our journey.
Yours faithfully,
Robin Pinchbeck
Chairman, SRJ Technologies Group plc