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CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd
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Options, Shares
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Key Executives
Keren Paterson (MD and CEO), Michael Ralston (NEC), William Bent (NED)
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Level 1, Office F, 1139 Hay Street West Perth WA 6005
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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Trigg Mining Limited (Trigg Mining or the Company) I am delighted to present this Prospectus
and invite you to become a shareholder.
Trigg Mining, named after Henry Trigg, a founder of Western Australia and an ancestor of our Managing Director and CEO Keren
Paterson, is founded on the purpose of building mines communities can be proud of. We aim to do this by exploring for the essential
potassium fertiliser sulphate of potash (SOP) needed for global food production and human nutrition through the sustainable extraction
and evaporation of hypersaline brines in Western Australia.
Sulphate of potash is a premium potassium fertiliser required for healthy plant growth, plant metabolism, optimisation of crop yields
and quality of produce. It is a necessary fertiliser for high value, chloride sensitive crops such as avocados, cocoa, coffee beans,
grapes, berries and tree nuts, as well as arid and acidic soils. Potassium is also of vital importance for human health where it is required
for normal cell function, maintenance of cardiovascular health and prevention of stroke and coronary heart disease.
The Company has built a competitive footprint across two SOP Projects: Laverton Links and Lake Throssell Potash Projects, covering
2,640 km2 of granted tenure containing over 400 km2 of salt lake playa and 300 km of interpreted palaeochannels (ancient underground
rivers), all prospective for brine hosted SOP, located approximately 200 km east of Laverton in Western Australia. Early exploration work
has established a JORC Compliant Exploration Target1 of 2.5 – 9.0 million tonnes of SOP @ 4.3 – 6.3 kg/m3 SOP for the Lake Rason
Prospect and represents approximately 15% of the Company’s total tenure, by area.
Both Projects are well endowed in terms of transport and energy infrastructure. Multiple roads and tracks access the Projects and two
gas pipelines pass directly through the Laverton Links SOP Project. Nearby airstrips are located at the Tropicana and Gruyere mines,
as well as the commercial airport at Laverton. Logistics for access to domestic and international markets is, subject to negotiation of
suitable access and infrastructure arrangements, likely to be via 300 km of road to the railhead at Leonora and then onwards via rail or
road to domestic markets, or to international markets via the deep-water port of Esperance.
Trigg Mining has assembled an experienced team, led by Keren Paterson, which is well qualified to exploit the potential of the Company’s
exploration assets. The Board has significant expertise in mineral projects, project development and corporate finance, and aims to
ensure that funds raised through the Offer will be utilised in a cost-effective manner to advance the Company’s Projects.
The Company is seeking your support to advance the exploration and evaluation at Laverton Links and Lake Throssell Potash Projects
via the Public Offer of $4,500,000 (before costs) via the issue of 22,500,000 Shares at $0.20 per Share. One free listed New Option will
also be awarded to investors for every two shares they acquire in the Public Offer.
This Prospectus contains information about the Company, its Projects, the Offers and the industry in which it operates. It also contains
detailed information in Section 13 of this Prospectus about the potential risks of investing in the Company. Securities in Trigg Mining
should be regarded as a speculative investment and I would urge all parties to seek advice from independent advisors before making
an investment decision.
The Board of Trigg Mining is pleased to invite you to participate in the future of the Company as we embark on delivering on our purpose
of building mines communities can be proud of.
Yours sincerely
Michael Ralston
Non-Executive Chairperson